Manuscript "Minutes of Sir W[illia]m Johnsons Congress with the Indians…", July 8, 1764; Niagara.0001.009

"Minutes of Sir Wm Johnsons Congress with the Indians at Niagara from its Commencement." Sir William Johnson's first speech, with Guy Johnson acting as an interpreter, to the Six Nations (Mohawks, Oneidas, Tuscaroras, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas) and the Western Nations. War is not justifiable; peace must be made. Infringements will be punished. IEGOR Lot 619.

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At a Convention of the Chiefs and Warriors of the

Niagara 8th July 1764 {this is written at the side of the listing of nations. had a problem with format}

Six Nations Western Nations
Mohawks Chippaways
Oneidas [Monomoney?]
Tuscaroras [Snit--?]
Onodagas Pottowatamies
Cayugas [Tuans?]
Senecas. & Hurons
[ ]
{Present crossed out}


The Honble Sir William Johnson [Bart?] [Sole Ag.l] & Scys [In-?] Guy John[Srgt?] D. A. I. A Interpreter & [Lus-?] Col Browning Lt Col Campbell & [Sunatory ?] officers

Sir William [word crossed out} spoke to those Indians who had committed Hostilitys as follows,


You all must know before this time that the War which you commenced against the English in North America hath been most unjustifiable, the consequences of it & the barbarity with which they have been treated is too well known to require a recapitulatn and happy is it for you that his Majesty { marked over and insert....has ?} a Just sense of your ignorance is disposed on your hearty sorrow for what is past to gratify your desire by offering peace to those who are sincerely concerned for {'your' crossed out and another word inserted. unclear. their?} late behavior, and disposed to make such reasonable concessions as has been demanded. I now meet you in conformity to your transactions at my house last Aprile, and to give you the highest proof of his Majestys Clemency, I am impowered to treat with you concerning peace agreable to the Preliminary Articles then signed by your Deputys: all which I Expect will be fully complyed with for without it you must Expect to meet with the punishment which you undoubtedly deserve There

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|2| There are several other Nations who convinced of their folly & the Weakness of their designs [agt.?] us have likewise desired to be once more admitted into an alliance with us, these must strictly comply with the terms I shall offer them, otherwise they can Expect no favour, but as for those Nations who have {crossed out letter} obstinately maintained the War, & thereby Justly [meritted?] our highest resentment, they must expect nothing but punishment & to which end an Army is now assembled at this place & will proceed [agt?] them supported by a large number of those Indians most Zealous in defend{unfamiliar letter. used for -ing?} the Subjects of Great Britain & in punishing the Quilty- These Troops will proceed imediately [ whilst? ] my business is to settle matters with you here onto good [afooting?] as to prevent all Quarrels hereafter and secure to themselves that happiness & security which without us they can never enjoy- there only [ remains?] on your part a Strict Compliance with your Engagements, & that you will strictly Conform to [&?] Subscribe the [sev.l?] Articles of peace Agreable to the Preliminarys signed by your Deputys before me

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Minutes of Sir Wm Johnsons Congress with the Indians at Niagara, from its [Commision! ?] 8th July 1764

{ very faint writing below, different ink. [? by ?Johnson D {illegible} as [Self?]

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