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Sir Johnson hall May 25 1765

The [Very?] Extraordinary {two words struck out and not legible} [ ] upon my hands [for?] some months past
has occasioned my not being able to recollect whether you wrote to me, or not however
I would not omit sending you afections by [Thiltbuck? Billbuck?] the Delaware who now
returns to the Ohio

I am to acknowledge the receipt of your Letters & at
the Same time to apologize for not answering them before this time
which will be [no?] difficult matter if you can possibly [ ] the
Very Extraordinay trouble & Continued [business?] in which I have been
[ for some time engaged?].
= he has been here for above two Months waiting the
arrival of - This [ ] by [Billbuck?] the Delaware who after
waiting here [a Considerable?] time for
the Delawares from [ Chenussu?]
who at length came the latter end of April since [ wch?] I have settled all matters [ ? them]
has at length Settled Matters as you will see by the Treaty of
peace a Copy of which he [{scratched out g?} carrys?] with him for the information of
his people.- The Six Nations who attended upon this occasion
and with the rest Exceeded 900 are now departed, & the Senecas
have left their Chiefs as Hostages that all the Prisoners-
Desserters, Frenchmen, & Negros
amonst them shall be
delivered up within 40 days from Signing the Treaty, and
I cannot but applaud the good behavior of {Again, this name that I cannot read. --buck?} & his people upon this ocasion.

I am sorry to observe Afraid that Owens the Interpreter
will not be a proper man to [remn?] [amst?] the [Inds?] & I have reason to think
who accompanied him has not behaved as he ought to do upon the
affair, [forbidden?] his having by his Argument to
he has induced a white
Woman Who was delivered up to run away from hence [he seems?]
Whenever my Department is fixed an Interpreter [ ] will be fixed' at [ ]
disposed to create much farther trouble of that Nature, and is
& I could wish that Owens wod ansr Coll Bouquet Character of him; as he [shod?] have
[ ] of a [ ] not which must render him [desspicable? ] as well as
that first.- From the Conduct of the Delawares, & the late Treaty it will be
the [ ] of the Indians as of all those acquainted therewith-
necessary that you [restore? ] them those of their people who are hostages at []
[ ]-

I shall be at all times glad to hear from you as
I am with [Essteem?]
{ what looks like a large capital "s"}


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