Tobias Shadick [Tobias Shattock] ALS to William Johnson, October 14, 1765; Charlestown, [Rhode Island]

Numbers of the Narragansett Tribe are increasing, but their land is quickly diminishing. Many young men have been inclined to go to Sea and have perished. IEGOR Lot 638.

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May it pleas your Honour, with the deepest Sense of Gratitude and thanks, we Approach you acknowledging your pious design and charitable Donation in assisting us in our Difficulty. and now we Humbly pray your Honour to Inform us By a Letter to Mr. Robinson whether you Have Recev'd them orders from Home or not. moreover we would Inform your Honour that we Have us'd ye utmost of our Skill, to Enlighten those of our Tribe that acted against us and have Been Sucsesfull in a Good degree: for they have mainly Seen their Error, and are Hartily united with us. we are all Harty and well, and Our Tribe in one Sense Increases very fast. and in another Decreas' for our Land is Sold So that many of our young men are obliged to go to Sea and So are Lost So that our most promising young men are often Laid in a watery Tomb to our Lamentation- may it pleas your Honour we Esteem you as our Best friend and do allways pray that you may Be assisted By our Dear Savour in all your proseeding and finally Receive a crown of Glory that Shall Never fade----- we are Ever Bound to acknowledge our Selves your most obedient and very Humble Servants untill Death

Sign'd in Behalf of the Tribe pr. Tobias X Shadick

Charlestown October ye 14th Day is 1765

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To the Honbl. Sir. William Johnson

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