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At a Congress at Fort Prince George 8th May 1766
Present Alexander Cameron Esqr. Deputy agent for the Cherokee
Indians: Ensign George Price Commanding Officer of Fort P.G.
Kittagusta or the Prince of Chotch held Beloved Man of the
Cherokee Nation, Juds Friend & many other HeadMen &
Warriors of the upper Middle & lower Cherokee Towns; when
Kittagusta Addressed himself to Mr. Cameron & Mr. Price as


I am to utter the united Voice of my Nation
to you, & to desire you to make our Father Captain Stuart
his Majestys Agent & Superintendant of Indian Affairs, ac-
quainted as soon as possible with my Speech. we returned yesterday
from marking the Boundary line between South Carolina & our
Country, a Task of Fatigue, but nevertheless agreeable, as our
Brothers who are Settled on the Frontiers of that Province
& we can never now have any disputes about Land;

At our meeting with you here in October
last we proposed a Line also on the North Carolina & Virginia
side we repeat it once more & desire to have it extended, from
where that of South Carolina Terminates, upon the Reedy River a
Straight Course to Colonel Chiswells Mines which will be a just
Boundary & the only one we Can Allow of; The number of
Familys that have come from North Carolina & Virginia & settled
upon a great Part of our best lands & the bold inroads of a few
that are neither an easy days march from our Towns, are
circumstances very alarming to us; therefore we shall be ready
at the end of the Fifth moon ( ie Septr.) from this time to attend
at the marking a line, our minds will not be easy till it
is Compleated, & if our Brothers will not be assisting in it,
then we must Effect it ourselves.

When our Father Captain Stuart remem-
bers, that he was at the Congress at August as held in 1763
where were also present the four Governors of Virginia, No.
& South Carolina & Georgia, when the great Kings proclama-
tion Relative to his Red Children was Read to us & we were

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