B[enjamin] Roberts ALS to William Johnson, September 18, 1766; Niagara

Discontent with Captain Brown's management of affairs, related to his farms in the Lower Town. A court of inquiry held that soldiers are not to live among the traders. Concerns about the fire danger of a quantity of hay. Capt. Brown insists on seeing any Indian that comes to Niagara. All traders must report on their powder stores and may not have more than two pounds in their houses. "for no reason [Capt. Brown] has abused some of them." Mr. Pfister can supply Johnson with details about Browne's behaviour. Browne talks of putting the interpreters and traders in irons if they choose to disobey him. By authority of Amherst's commission, no huts are to be built within 2,000 yards of the fort, without consent of the commanding officer. Complaint about the authority of De Couagne. Request for eye glasses "for a near sighted person." IEGOR Lot 647.
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