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Niagara 18 Sepr.1766


I am thank god a little recovered tho. I have yet a
convulsed cough & a pain in my head. I intended going
to wait on you. but I see that everything will be in
confusion in my absence. Capt Browne I thought was
for a reconciliation for I represented. the impropriety of
having so many farmyards in the lower town & a large
Rack of Hay. he order a Court of Enquiry. that reported
twas improper. that Soldiers should live amongst the
Traders. but that the Hay was in no more danger of fire
than the Huts. Capt Browne ordered the Soldiers
to be in the Fort

He insists on seeing every Indian that comes
here. He has order'd all the traders to give in a return
of their powder. says they shall keep but two pounds in
their houses the rest must be put in the Magazine
for no reason he has abused some of them. Mr. Pfister
who knows his behavior can give you an account of

I have sent DeCongne this day to enquire after the
Oxen & desire the Seneca's may bring the Herdes back
I think it right to wait their answer tho. I should
pass my time disagreably. for my part I avoid every
means of jealousy or dispute. I am only uneasy that
the Authority you vested me with should be tram-

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