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Niagara 3 Dec 1766


On the evening of the first Instant I heard that the
Victory Schooner was burnt. it was insinuated that t'was done
by Indians. Immediately I sent for my Horses, & by break oday
next morning sat out for Little Niagara with Mr. Stevenson
& DeConagne we immedeately visited the vesell on our arrival
& this day on my return made the following report in writing
to the Comnmanding officer. I was too much tired & frozen to wait
on him in person besides I think a written report will
be surer in these Cases where a report may arrise that
would alarm the Country below

Niagara 3rd of December 1766


Yesterday on my arrival at Little Niagara got a boat mannd
I went to see the Remains of the Schooner Victory. She is burnt down
to the Water's Edge. I have examined on both sides the River to
see if any marks (such as Indians Usualy leave when they do
any premeditated injury) remain. but found none, the Boston
Schooner is on ground at the Wharf of Navy Island, but no
marks of Violence on her. the water is fallen much from her on
the Outside. Imagine the Victory accidentally took fire, by
somebody kindling a fire on board her (which was usual) to
warm themselves. & not thoroughly extinguishing it

Two Mississagues came from fort Erie to little Niagara last
Night & are now here with some peltry. there are no Senecas
on this Communications have any canoes nor Could I find there
were any Indian Cabins in the Neighborhood of Little Niagara
I hear

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