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I hear that before day the 30th past a Batteau sat out for
Fort Erie & that the Same Morning a Canoe with two Indians
was seen Crossing towards the great Island. This is the best
Information I could procure. I am Confident by now Seeing the
Seneca & Mississague Indians bringing in peltry to pay their
Debts. that they are not bent on any mischief nor have I any
reason to Suspect any other Nation. therefore must think the
vesell burnt bty accident I am. &
To Capt Comt. (coppy)

My Private opinion is that these soldiers that set off
before day with a very cold Wind & Snow in their face Stopd on
board the vessell after crossing to the Island which takes them
generally an Hour. These Chaps went off Early to Celebrate
St. Andrew at a Dinner provided at Fort Erie which made
me the more Circumspect in giving my Opinion. I let
it to themselves to Judge as they are all of the Nation.

I am much distress'd in not receiving a Line from
you since 4 from the Congress. Capt Brown Orders DeConagne about
preemtarily orders that every Indian of what Nation
I know shall be brought before him. I am afraid it will
be of no Service to his Majesty that these people should
be forced to appear before the Commandant who gives
them nothing. & whose discourse only Tends to
make himself the great man. & your responses contradict (?)
nobody. I shall do my utmost not to come to an open
rupture yet can not allow the Service or your Authority
to be entirely laid aside

We agree very well as Mr. Roberts & Mr Brown but
when the Commissary has any request, theres such difficulties
as Amount to a denyal

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