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desire to know, and if you will want a Supply to carry you back.
The Lands we have some of them being Rented brings us in some Money
if you do want and will let us know, we will spare you what we can to
make your Journey Home comfortable {unclear punctuation} And we will think well of your
Talk and try how warm it will be to our Hearts; and if we find that it
will make us strong and young, and make us able to take a Journey to
your Town and to General Johnson, we will send to you to tell you of it.
We wish you well.

Bothers we wish you well, and hope you will meet
your friends well.

{{ new writer. Amos Ogden}}

This is the Choptank answer~
Or - Reather one Con.ll Loyd, Who they aply'd Too
for his advise- as he [?ever?] intends great friendship, to these
Indians- but notwithstanding his [?Pottisey?], their Will
Seem Part of them. Return. With the [?Peartey?]-
The Nanticokes, are all [?Unamis or Unanimous?], to Remove
and . the Greattest. If, not all, the Snow Hill Tribe

Amos Ogden

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