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Journal of B Roberts Esqr. C.I.A. from his leaving Macki-
nak till his Arrival at Johnson Hall.

August 2d 1768 set Out from Michilimackinack with
Capt Spiesmaker, Lieut: Christie Interpreter Ainse & other Evidences
to Atend
the tryal, of Capt Rogers, 8th Arrived at Fort Sinclair where
we met Capt Turnbull, Lts. Sinclair Archibald Ensn. Johnson
& others. Johnson desired we might advise Joseph Ainse
not to go to Detroit, for C. Turnbull had an affidavid against
him & orders to put him in Irons & send him down the Country,
we remarked that Ainse was not asked into Lt. Sinclairs
House but left to walk about all day, whilst we dined &c.
at Night we told him on board the Vessell what was said,
he Answerd, he was determined to Appear & prove his
Innocence & hope the Justice of the English would give him
due satisfaction for such aspersions, at Detroit we again
warned Ainse, but he persisted, Capt Turnbull was so good
to Examine his papers, found an Affidavid made by Bostwick
at an Enquiry at Montreal on the Circumstances of the loss
of Michilimackinak, setting Forth that Ainse, came into
the loft where he was hiding behind Some Corn, that he was
taking away the bags of Corn, by wch means he Bostwick
was discovered, he begd Ainse to save him, & Ainse made
a Sign with his mouth to an Indian, & {"should" crossed out} pointed to him
that the Indian took him prisoner & treated him very
well, Captain Turnbull & Officers seeing nothing to hurt
Ainse in the affidavid & being convinced of his {"Evidence" crossed out} Innocence
by the Certificates he shew'd, also his good Character & beheavior
{"had" crossed out} invited him to their table every day. During Our Stay at
Detroit many French people & others Solicited Ainse
not to appear against Rogers, & try'd to persuade him against
going down to Montreal

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"Interpreter Ainse" was Joseph-Louis Ainsse (1744-1802). Ainsse was an important witness in the treason trial of Robert Rogers, Commandant at Michimilimackinac in 1768.


Captain Frederick Christopher Spiesmacher was Ainsse's commanding officer at Michimilimackinac.


The "C.I.A." abbreviation may stand for Commissary Indian Agent. Benjamin Roberts was appointed by Sir William Johnson as Indian department commissary.


Henry Bostwick was a trader captured by the Ottawas in 1763.