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I was dismissed after some Cross Questions being asked
the Court appeard to me Extremely Mercifull the Pris-
oner had two lawers at his back, writing the proceedings &
furnishing with such Questions as seemd pertinent. Majr.
of Brigd. Steene & Town Majr. Hughes stood also near the
Prisoner as did Justice Robinson & other all seemd to
spirit him, I appeard Extrodinary to me that Majr.
Steene in presence of many of the officers ask publickly
J Ainse was not a great Villian & seemd much inclined
to intimidate their Evidence, however understanding the
many threats & promises to Ainse by the Friends of
Rogers, Ainse swore Correctly as was express'd in the
affidavid made at Michilimackinak, his Modesty Coolness
& Clearness of his Evidence astonish'd every body particu-
larly as he had been bred amongst the Savages, he was
dismiss'd that day & orderd to Attend the Next in the Interim
Mr. Bostwick appeard & Swore that Ainse had broke
into his house at Mackinak plunderd of many goods
& made a Sign to an Indian to kill him. Ainse
appeard the next day at the C. Martial with a
Memorial to Clear his Character wch would not be
accepted. he was asked did he ever take the Oaths
of allegiance he reply'd being at Isle Pero, the
Signeur swore allegiance for all the Inhabitants by
wch he lookd upon himself bound to them, was told
the Court was done with him immediately he was Seized
by a Number of Soldiers with bayonet pointed to different
parts of his body, his hands lifted up from his sides

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"Isle Pero" may be Saint-Pierre, near Quebec City.