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Proportion; Custom as in other cases is the only~
rule I have, & Mr. Banyar tells me that when~
he was in the Office he received from the Captains
sometimes five & sometimes four Dollars, from~
the Lieutenants four or three & from the En=
=signs three or four as he could get it. My Pre=
=decessor Mr. French received the like, and Colns.
John V. Renselaer & Stephen V. Renselaer to whom
I lately sent up Commissions for their Regi-
=ments, have been so kind as to tell me they will
get the same for me from their Officers, how=
ever as there is no possitive Ordinance for~
these Fees but only Custom, I would not by~
any means have them exacted, but rather leave
it to the generosity of the different Officers~
and any attention that you may be pleased
to pay to this matter on my account shall ever
be most gratefully remeembered by Sr. Your most Obedt. Servt.
Ph: Livingston Junr.

Honbl. Sr. Wm. Johnson Bart.

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"Bart." at the end of William Johnson's name is an abbreviation for "Baronet."