John Johnston ALS to John Butler, October 1777; "Senake Country," "Connatasage"

On the status of a man named Mr. Butler, was supposed to have been executed. The Chiefs of the Six Nations report that Butler was not executed, but was instead removed to Albany with other prisoners. Oneidas provided news of damage to Fort Stanwix, dead and injured, and the death of a pregnant woman by a cannon shot. Updates on General Burgoyne near Albany. Joseph Brant, his family, and 40 other Mohawks have taken refuge at Connatasago. Mohawk women and children at Fort Hunter. Rebel scouting party and skirmish. Four Indians are in Albany as spies. Deserter's remarks on Washington's position and plans. Brant requests fabric and tea. IEGOR Lot 688.

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Senake Country Connattasage PS 1777'-


I have the Most Agreable news to Aqquant you that my Last Information of the death of Mr. Butler is Contradicted by the Chiefs of the Six Nations who are hear now Assembled tto Condole the Loss of the Warriours who were Latily killd: Although at first by Servals of the Indians the Declaired to me its being fact that he was put to death these the Chiefs Says that Mr Butler was Brought to the place of Execution where his grave was fixed and digd: But no Execution was found where upon the Coln. or Genl. Commanding them said he would do it himself rather than he should not be Executed the Committi and people at the flatts Immedately being Enraged at the proceedings and Determinattion of the Bostoniners Orderd him to be forthwith released and sent to Albany where he still remains with the Others who Accompanied him: Except the Indians who are released.

I hope this may Serve to Ease the mind of Col Butler and Every one who is Well Disposed which if it had happened to have been Truth as at first it was Presented to be it must have been a Most Barbourous Unhuman Dismal Scene------

My Advise by the Chiefs who are hear now Assemble: Says hear {struck} Says that Some of the Onidias Informed that they Were in fort Stanwix a few days after our Retreat and the place was greatly Shatterd by our Shells and numbers killd and wounded. a Woman being big with Child a shell fell Just befor her and cut of Both her Legs of which She died Instantly. the Commanding officer Declairing if We had continued the Seige two or three day Longer he must have given up the Fort-----

By an Onondago Indians who had a lame; Hand and was with Lieut Powel on, Express to General Burgoins from fort Stanwix-

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Some time ago Who {struck} and another Indian who left the Army Some time ago about a month and Informs that General Burgoyne was about 3 Miles from Albany Inbonpt at Old Col Peter Schylers House and the General told the Indians in about 15 days from that time he Expected to be in possesion of Albany a few days Before, this left the Army that Luke Le Corns Son Arrived from the Army from {struck} under General Clinton as they Say and that Col Johnson was Landed and As they say they had 800 shiping in the River A {struck} I suppose they mean Large and Small Crafts Includedand the General told them that he Expected that Both Armys Would Meet in one day at Albany General Burgoyn Returnd the Six nations thanks for there Gallant Behavour Against the Rebles and Likewise told them that Very Soon they Might Expect his magistys thanks for there Loyalty in helping to Support government

Mr Brantt With his family and about 20 Men Women and Children of the Mohawks are now in Connussadago being Robed. of Every thing that they had and Distrust them in a Most Shocking manner by them Rasscaly Schylers that is David Schyler Hanjost Schyler and the Houses With a Number of Villanous Oriska Indians Mr Brantt is hear in Connatasage who came hear yestarday to pay a Small Visit.-

The Mohawkes of fort Hunter are all Run With there Women and Children a party of Cauknawagos Coming from General Burgoyns Army to fetch them some where Between the Mohawk river and Saratogoa they meet a Reble Scouting party and came to an Engagement they killing Seven of the Reble party the Rest making there Escape: one Mohawk Was Killd Arons Brother Cornelus

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By name they are all safe Arrived at general Burgoins Army----

four Indians are now in Albany now as Spies in order to see and discover the Movements of the Army and as Soon as the General is in possesion of it to Immediately forthwith to return and give Information of the Success. Yestarday an Express Arrived hear Whom I had Dispatchd to Oswego in Order to see if Col. Butler was Arrived there as he promised or passd that Way; who brings me a Letter from Lawrence Partow he being the only person now residing there the Army being Long-Gone from there he Informs that a few days ago four Rebles Deserters Arrived from fort Stanwix at Oswego with a Large french Battoe and says that when they left it there was no more than 300 Men in the place and the one half was waiting for an Oppertunity to Desert they are gone to Canada-

a few days ago a Deserter Arrived hear to me at Connatasage from Washingtons Army who says that when he Left it Washington was within 26 Miles of philadelphia and was a prepairing to go down to meet Genearl How at the head of Elk river about 60 Miles from philadelphia: and at his Arrival at WyOmean on the Susquhanaha an Express Arrived that General Washington was Defeated and that he and 2 other Commanding officers had made there Escape to philadelphia where it was said he Entended to make a Stand with the Mileatia and other Scattering Troops Mr Brantts people to about the Number of about 40 Mohawks Will want assistance of Cloaths and that soon to keep them from the Cold as they are Stript as aforementioned. To Conclude with my Respect, To the Commanding officer Col Butler and Mr Pollard Remain gentlemen yr Humbl. Servt. John Johnston

To Col John Butler.....

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Mr Brants complements to Coll Bu {struck} Mr Pollard and desires if you would be so good as to Credit him to send him a piece of your Best small flowerd Callico as Likewise 2 wt. of Tea

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