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Your Letter to me Dated March: 16.
mentioning to me that Provided any of those friends to Goverment
I aqquainted you in My Last of should Come this way that I would Encourage
them from you by telling them they should draw pay from the 24 of Oct.
last at the Rate of 2 / pr. Day all which I will do by giving them all the
Encouragement and Assistance in my Power / the Arrival of the Generals
Express from York assisted me a Great deal by Confirming what I
had all along Laid Before them as Truth. / I have Explained to the Chiefs the
Coppys and Speeches of those Letters you sent Me from Detroit
I could by no Means fetch the provisions you aqquainted Me was at Gerondaquat
By reasons of a deep snow which fell and rivers and Creeks Most Excessive
high: so as was it not for my Landlady I Could not be able to Get any
Corn provisions Amongst them Either for Myself of any other travelers
as Likewise any few things you send Me it waste like wax Before
the fire: they will not on the Least trifling Occasion speake under
a pair of stockings or a shirt it is Black times hear so as I am almost
sick of it / I Return you thanks for aqquainting me of the provisions
at Gerondadquat I am when Oppertuinity May serve afraid to fetch
it as there is so many familys hear with there mouths open I am
Sir with my Compliments to Col. Bolton and the Rest of the Gentm.

Sir your Most Obt. Humbl.

Servt. John Johnston

Capt Indian Dept.

P.S. I think that it would be highly necessary for
you to be aqquainted as speedily as possible if the seven
nations were in the rebel interest or not
Yrs. J Johnston

I was oblidgd to kill two cows for the treaty held hear the other day as My Orders
to you will Specify and another for My self and friends yesterday
if the Bearer You Could prevail upon to send {struck}
to Bring Me a Small Cage of Good stuff would
be very Exceptable as the Little you sent me
there Cheifs never Let Me Rest Whilst they
were drye and I had to Give them

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