[Guy Johnson] Manuscript Journal, June 1, 1780 - June 13, 1780; Little Niagara

"Minutes" of Guy Johnson's travels from Little Niagara to French Man's Creek, Fort Erie, Buffalo River, the New Seneca Town, Catfish Creek and Kadaragaras. Meeting with the Indians at Kadaragas--Senecas, Delawares, Onondagas. On the 10th, the Indians return with prisoners. Includes list the names of prisoners and numbers of scalps. Sarah Plummer is kept by an Indian woman who wishes to adopt her. Fifty-eight Delaware and Seneca warriors accompany Johnson. Return trip via Buffalo Creek and Fort Schlosser. IEGOR Lot 697.

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Minutes -

Thursday June 1st P.M.

Colo. Johnson, attended by Lt. Colo. {struck} Brother {struck} Capt Powel Lt. Dachstedr. Mr. Constable set out for the New Indian Settlements on the rout to Ohio & lay at the Landing that Night Friday 2d. Early in the Morning Col Johnson was Joyned by Lt Col Butler, & proceeded over the Carrying place to Little Niagara where he encamped, The Boats & presents being got over & all ready - Saty 3d. he Embarked abt. 10. AM. being joyned by a party of about 20 Tuscaroras, & encamped that Night in French Mans Creek 6 Ms. below Ft Erie [This is a fine large {struck} deep Creek capable of receiving many boats & navigable a good dist. up,] Sunday 4th called at Fort Erie, & recd. some provisions, then crossed the mouth of the Lakes to Buffaloe River distce. four Miles, in a very high Sea, & with difficulty got in, having got above the Bar, went up & encamped on the righthand half, a Mile from the Lake & then proceeded up to the New Seneca Town, 8 Mls. by Water on the Left Side Just below the Fork, here are great {struck}, rich & extensive plains and the River is above 60 yards broad most part of the Way & navigable for the largest boats, about 10 Houses, already built. Kanadasiggs & & about {blank space}people in 2 Settlemt. after Visiting Sayengaraghta returned at night.

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Monday June 5th. Early in the Morning gave out some Corn Seed to the Indians & Left them attachd. Swivel for a Signal Gun, & embarked for Kadaragaras with Sayengaraghta, about 10. o'Clock. proceeded along the {struck} by a Low Sandy beach & arrived at Cat fish Creek, about 1/2 past 4 P.M. but the Wind proving unfavorable put in & Encamped on a Small island in it here is a large Spit of Gravell Extending N.E but the entrance is easy,

Tuesday 6th Decamped early, & passing many Cliffs of Rocks, (particularly the last resembling three Round Towers) arrived at Kadaragaras bay (which has a fine entrance in a fathoms Water) at Noon, & after going up the Creek to Rykmans landg on the left Hand returned & encamped at fine apt. on the same Side half a Mile from the Lake. at Night was Visited by Kakakady & other Chiefs & by the Indn. Officers. - I called it Butlers Cove Guys River

Wedy 7th A Very Rainy day, which prevented the going to Kadaragaras, recd. an Acct. that the War party had retd. from Ohio with 26 Prsrs. & Scalps (10 of the latter). Cleared & opened our Encampment. & caught many fine Bass.

Thursday 8th - at 9. AM. went up the Creek, to the Town Landing, found some strong Rifts but it is in genl. 50 yds. Wide & Sufficiently Navigable for boats, the Settlement is in fine plains on the Left, about 6 Ms. up by Water. was recd. In a very polite Manner by 140 Warriors painted with Colours flying, who fired 3 Vollies which was retd. by the War party, &

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& after shaking Hands with the Chiefs, & acquainting them with the occasion of my Visit & Inviting them to my Encampment the next day, Left them a Keg of Liquor & retd. The Inds. expressing Infinite Satisfaction at my havg. Visited them. They are in great Want of everything. The first incampt. is the Strouds. The next the Senecas & the Ohio Delawares above them.

Friday 9th In the Morning {blank space} came to me & in {struck} after setting forth that he had at my desire gone to War & was Successfull havg. taken 3 prisrs. & a Scalp at Juniata deliv'd up two Childn. Eli Plummer aged 12 yrs. & Sarah his Sister aged 9. the latter to me with my belt, the former to L Col. Butler, Thanked him for making my mind easy, & agreable to promise told him his party shod. be Cloathed. Soon after the Delawares brot. in 2 Men Prisrs. The one named Hamilton born in London the other {space follows} both taken near Hand Stone Pensilva. about the 12th May, They report that the Rebels sold their Bat Horses to the No. of 1000 last fall, & that they heard the Kings Troops were very Successfull in Carolina. Great pains being taken by myself & every Method practised by Lt C Butler for the redemption of Miss Moore, Sayengaraghta] his sister & family came this Morning & gave 2 belts to quiet the Mind & retd. the former belts sayg. that she was in the hands of a Woman who cod. not be prevailed on for any Consideration to part wth. her, They were directed to make an Effort more at all Events. The Bunts Son came to Signify his desire to go with 5 of his people (to be joyn'd by others) to War. I approved it & promised him a belt recomdg. their Joyng Lt. Dachstedders party wch. was agreed to,

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At a Meeting with the Indians of Kadaragaras. Friday 9th June 1780. Present Colo. Guy Johnson Super intendt. &c Lt Colo John Butler Depy. Capt Powell, Lt. Johnston & other officrs. of the Departmt. Sayengaraghta Kakakady. Chiefs of the Senecas| of the Delaware| Onondagas Cakadose & abt. 300 Inds.

Colo Johnson first performed the Ceremony of Condolances with Three Strings. & returned their Compliments made yesterday after which he deliver'd himself as follows

Brothers, I am very happy in Meeting you all this day in health {blank space} at your new & promising Settlement, to which I have been induced to come, at your own {struck} repeated desires, & my own Honst. inclinn. to Examine in {struck} to Enquire into your State & Circumstances here and to consider on the spot, what is most necessary to be done for you, I have heard of all your Wants & received your {struck} the distresses you have been reduced to by the inroad of the Virginians wch. occasioned my recommendg. it to you {struck} all those who had resided at the Heads of Allegany River, to assemble at this {struck} here, as a place of more Convenience & Security, and I am well pleased you have done so. I als. have Wished on this occasion to have been enabled to bring you that Relief you have so repeatedly sollicitted, but tender that {struck} the great Number of Inds. who Winter'd at Niagar not only occasioned a Vast Consumption of provisions but likewise the Season has been so - back-

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back ward that there were not a Suffict. Number of Boats repaired and had I waited longer, The Operations of the Campaign might have put it out of my power to Visit you, & know your real Wants. Tho' I am {struck} I have however brought a few things for the relief of those who are in most want which I recommend you to distribute fairly to those who has {struck} them, & on your giving me Exact Returns of yr. people here, & at Jadaghque, I shall consider what farther may be done for you, at Niagara.

Brother, I am Extremely well pleased with your Conduct during the Spring, and happy to find that your War partys have returned Safe & Successfull, I have now brought a Small party of yr. Frinds with me, to go to War, and I expect they will be Joyned by several of your people at this place, whose hands I will strengthen with a Belt. [small gap in writing and use of different ink follows]

Then thanked them for the friendly reception they gave him Then {struck} related to them such Intelligences as had been received since the last News communicated to them, & Concluded with telling them that if they acted vigorously this Summer from the present aspect of affairs there was a good prospect of reducing the Rebels to submission.

To all which the Indians Assented and returned many thanks for his Speech.

After parting Colo. Johnson gave a War belt to Sandatenyata who was going out with Lt. Dachstedder, and another to the Bunts Son at his own desire who was going with 6 of this people At Night Sayengaraghta returned with {blank space to end of line} and reported the great difficulty they found in procuring the release of Miss Moore, wch. they had at length effected if Col. Johnson wou'd give them a Young Woman in her place & Calm the old Womans mind who had adopted her. This Night Col. Johnson ordd. & distributd. of prsts. & provisn.

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