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Minutes -

Thursday June 1st P.M.

Colo. Johnson, attended by Lt. Colo. {struck}
Brother {struck} Capt Powel Lt. Dachstedr.
Mr. Constable set out for the New Indian Settlements on the
rout to Ohio & lay at the Landing that Night
Friday 2d. Early in the Morning Col Johnson
was Joyned by Lt Col Butler, & proceeded over the
Carrying place to Little Niagara where he encamped,
The Boats & presents being got over & all ready -
Saty 3d. he Embarked abt. 10. AM. being joyned
by a party of about 20 Tuscaroras, & encamped that
Night in French Mans Creek 6 Ms. below Ft Erie
[This is a fine large {struck} deep Creek capable of receiving
many boats & navigable a good dist. up,]
Sunday 4th called at Fort Erie, & recd. some provisions, then
crossed the mouth of the Lakes to Buffaloe River distce. four
Miles, in a very high Sea, & with difficulty got in, having got
above the Bar, went up & encamped on the righthand half,
a Mile from the Lake & then proceeded up to the New Seneca
Town, 8 Mls. by Water on the Left Side Just below the Fork,
here are great {struck}, rich & extensive plains and the River is
60 yards broad most part of the Way & navigable for the largest
boats, about 10 Houses, already built. Kanadasiggs &
& about {blank space}people in 2 Settlemt. after Visiting Sayengaraghta
returned at night.

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Sayenqueraghta (1707-1786) was the war chief of the eastern Seneca tribe in the mid-18th century.