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& after shaking Hands with the Chiefs, & acquainting them
with the occasion of my Visit & Inviting them to my
Encampment the next day, Left them a Keg of Liquor
& retd. The Inds. expressing Infinite Satisfaction at
my havg. Visited them. They are in great Want of
everything. The first incampt. is the Strouds. The next
the Senecas & the Ohio Delawares above them.

Friday 9th In the Morning {blank space} came
to me & in {struck} after setting forth that he had at my desire gone
to War & was Successfull havg. taken 3 prisrs. & a Scalp at
Juniata deliv'd up two Childn. Eli Plummer aged 12 yrs.
& Sarah his Sister aged 9. the latter to me with my belt,
the former to L Col. Butler, Thanked him for making
my mind easy, & agreable to promise told him his party
shod. be Cloathed. Soon after the Delawares brot. in 2
Men Prisrs. The one named Hamilton born in London
the other {space follows} both taken near Hand Stone Pen-
silva. about the 12th May, They report that the Rebels
sold their Bat Horses to the No. of 1000 last fall, & that they
heard the Kings Troops were very Successfull in Carolina.
Great pains being taken by myself & every Method practised by
Lt C Butler for the redemption of Miss Moore, Sayengaraghta]
his sister & family came this Morning & gave 2 belts to quiet the
Mind & retd. the former belts sayg. that she was in the hands
of a Woman who cod. not be prevailed on for any Consideration to part
wth. her, They were directed to make an Effort more at all Events.
The Bunts Son came to Signify his desire to go with 5 of his
people (to be joyn'd by others) to War. I approved it & promised him
a belt recomdg. their Joyng Lt. Dachstedders party wch. was agreed to,

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Eli and Sarah Plummer were the children of John Plummer, who was killed by the Indians near Bedford, Pennsylvania. The children were taken prisoner. They were marched to Canada where Sarah remained with the Indians for the rest of her life. Eli was kept three years, and when he was liberated in 1783, came back to Pennsylvania. Another daughter, Nancy, was also taken prisoner, but she died before the Indians reached Canada.