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back ward that there were not a Suffict. Number of Boats repaired
and had I waited longer, The Operations of the Campaign might have
put it out of my power to Visit you, & know your real Wants.
Tho' I am {struck} I have however brought a few things for the relief of those
who are in most want which I recommend you to distribute fairly to
those who has {struck} them, & on your giving me Exact Returns of yr. people
here, & at Jadaghque, I shall consider what farther may be done
for you, at Niagara.

Brother, I am Extremely well pleased with your Conduct during
the Spring, and happy to find that your War partys have returned
Safe & Successfull, I have now brought a Small party of yr. Frinds
with me, to go to War, and I expect they will be Joyned by several
of your people at this place, whose hands I will strengthen with a
Belt. [small gap in writing and use of different ink follows]

Then thanked them for the friendly reception they gave him
Then {struck} related to them such Intelligences as had been received
since the last News communicated to them, & Concluded with telling
them that if they acted vigorously this Summer from the present
aspect of affairs there was a good prospect of reducing the Rebels to

To all which the Indians Assented and returned many thanks
for his Speech.

After parting Colo. Johnson gave a War belt to Sandatenyata
who was going out with Lt. Dachstedder, and another to the
Bunts Son at his own desire who was going with 6 of this people
At Night Sayengaraghta returned with {blank space to end of line}
and reported the great difficulty they found in procuring the release
of Miss Moore, wch. they had at length effected if Col. Johnson
wou'd give them a Young Woman in her place & Calm the old Womans mind
who had adopted her. This Night Col. Johnson ordd. & distributd. of prsts. & provisn.

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"Jadaghque" is a phonetic spelling of "Chautauqua", a portage place on Lake Erie.