[Joseph Chew] Manuscript Document, "Remarks on the Acco[un]t", February 1782; s.l.

Accounting of £10,365.9.2 debts owed by Colonel Guy Johnson, including money intended for the Loyalists that have yet to be paid. IEGOR Lot 703.

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In the Commissn. Statement of Colo. Johnsons Accot. They say three abstracts never Exhibited to any Comander in Chief amounting to £10,365.9.2

The Three Abstracts alluded to

Genrl. Hadlimand, Charge for his Warrant
dated in Febry 1782 on Acco' of Contingent
Colo Johnsons Accot. before the Board at
An Accot. of Sundries omitted by Colo.
among Colo. Johnsons Papers are Vouchers &c on Accot. of Contingent Expenses for more than the £1500. and if they are not better they are as good as those Colo. Butler produced for two Contingent Accot. that was paid him, and there is Scarcely a doubt of the Commissioners Allowing them

the Charge of £1233.7.5 there are Vouchers for the most of the Articles and Mr Chass believes he Can fully Explain the others

of the Accot. before the Board at Quebec £1999.13.1[?/] was allow'd

The Commissn. Charge Colo Johnson with £107.926.17.4
also with the amount of his Officers & men
Pay [?Ressd] by him before he got to Canada
where they had been paid [?] [?such] he gives
the Crown Credit for} 2550.15
Carried over £110.477..12.4

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Colo Johnsons Debit Bro' over £110,477:12;4

The Commissn allow £106,496.17.4
The Contingent Warrant that
surely must be Allowed} 1.500.. ..
The omissions Do {"ditto"}
Allowed by the Board at Quebec 1999.13.1¼
deduct for an Error in
Charging in the Accot of omissions
for a Sum that had been paid
to Sir Wm. Johnson in June 1774} £157.8.7½
The Baln. then due to Colo. Johnson Suppose all
the Sums not admitted at Quebec should be
disallowed by the Commissn will be . . . 524.14.15¾
The above is the Statement I Represented to Mr Rose at the Time I mentioned the Cruelty of any Part of Colo. Johnsons Compensation being detained under a Pretense of his owing Government money I think he was so [?Senseible] of the Justness of my Remarks that [?Even] Provided Colo Johnsons Accot. are not finally settled by time of Payment to the Loyalists - no part of his Compensation will be Stopped I very freely told both Mr Rose and Mr Steel the unfortunate Cause of Colo. Johnsons being Represented so much to his Prejudise

[The following lines of text are perpendicular to the main text in the lower right hand corner:] Joseph Chew, Remarks on the Accot Stated by the Commissn.

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