Chiefs of the Shawanese, Mingoes, Delawares, and Cherokees Manuscript Document, "At Council held at Wakitunikee", May 18, 1785

"Council held at Wakitunikee May 18th 1785. By the Chiefs of the Shawanese, Mingoes, Delawares, & Cherokees." Captain Wolf and a group of hunters disover white men on their side of the Ohio. Captain Wolf speaks for the Delawares and delivers John Crawford to answer for the Virginians who have settled near the Ohio, in violation of the treaties and the council fires set at Fort Stanwix and Beaver Creek. Shawanese Chief Kekewepelethy (Chief "Captain Johnny") vehemently repudiates the treaties of Fort Stanwix (1784) and Fort McIntosh (1785). He threatens retaliation if the Americans are unable to keep their settlers from encroaching on native lands west of the Ohio river. The Council Fire must be held at Detroit and if it is not, the Indians will stop at nothing to protect their land. IEGOR Lot 714.



At Council held at Wakitunikee May 18th 1785. ~

By the Chiefs of the Shawanise, Mingoes, Delawares, & Cherokee's. -

Present - {The following text is followed by a curly bracket} James Shirlock {The following text is followed by a curly bracket} Four other Americans

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Cap.n Wolf, a Mingoe spoke, say'd some time ago he and sevl. Others had gone a hunting, found the white People settling in many Parts of their Country, that he thought by what he had heard from Mr. Shirlock that they had no right, nor were encourag'd by their Great Men to settle upon this Side the Ohio, as the Line between them, was upon the other side the Ohio settled by their Forefathers, and that the Speeches deliverd to him by the sd. Mr. Shirlock, as well as by Genl. Clark were, that if the People who were encroaching upon us got hurt, there wou'd be no Notice taken of it, as they wou'd bring it upon themselves, that now whilst he was out he had met some of those People (Virginians) and took one of them Prisoner to answer to his Chief, & now delivers him to them, to examine & hear what he had to say.

Deliver'd John Crawford to the Chiefs

Capn. Johnny a Shawanise Chief spoke on Behalf of the three first mention'd Nations likewise for all the Nations in that Country. - Brethern Virginians - You know

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know the other day we were fighting. You desir'd us to be quiet we are so, You requested us to observe the Councils of our Forefathers and act according to their Customs.

We People of one Colour are united so that we make but one Man, that has but one Heart, & one Mind.

You know Brethern Virginians you kindled a Council Fire at Ft. Stanwix, the Six Nations led us by the Hand to it, but we heard nothing there that was good from you, afterwards you kindled another at Beaver Creek, there two Men spoke we cou'd hear nothing good from You. You told us that all the Country was yours You have kindled two Council Fires at the first you know how you have treated our Brethern the Six Nations Seiz'd & detain'd them Prisoners, you have now behav'd in the same manner at Fort McIntosh presently you will kindle another Council Fire, but if you do it any Place near us, we will not go to it nor listen to you, but if you kindle it at Detroit where our Forefathers did, then we will think you are for some Good, there our Brethern who stand at our Backs will hear you, But we see yr. Intention, you are drawing close to us, & so near our Bedsides, that we can almost hear the Noise of your Axes, felling our Trees & settling our Country -

According to the Lines settled by our Forefathers, the Boundary is the Ohio River, but you are coming upon the Ground given to us by the Great Spirit We wish you to be strong & keep yr. People on that side the River. We have no Objections to carry on Trade with Your Traders, provided they do not attempt to settle in our

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our Country, but it is now clear to us your Design is to take our Country from us. We remind You that you will find all the People of our Colour in this Island strong, unanimous, & determin'd to act as one Man in Defence of it, therefore be strong & keep your People within Bounds, or we shall take up a Rod & whip them back to your side of the Ohio. It is now incumbent on you to restrain yr. People & listen to us, Otherwise the Consequences of what may happen hereafter will be your Fault.

You are always calling to us for your Flesh & Blood, no Doubt you are fond of them, We have them by the Hand to deliver to you, if you listen to us, on the Contrary if you do not, you will never see them at any other time. What we three Nations say to you, are the Sentiments of the Six Nation's & that of those to the Setting of the Sun.

What we have said we are determin'd to do with= =out the Council or Advice of our Father, who fondley assisted us when requisite.

We have call'd in Simon Girty that our Words shou'd be fully explain'd to you, before him.

This foolish young man who was taken in our Country, encroaching upon us, we deliver to you, that he may return home & prevent Others doing what he has done, his Companions were sent back when taken.

Detroit 31st May 1785 Charles McCormick Comy. & Clerk In. Dt.

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A Council held at


May 18th 1785

Recd. 2d. July

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