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know the other day we were fighting. You desir'd us to be quiet
we are so, You requested us to observe the Councils of our Forefathers
and act according to their Customs.

We People of one Colour are
united so that we make but one Man, that has but one Heart,
& one Mind.

You know Brethern Virginians you kindled
a Council Fire at Ft. Stanwix, the Six Nations led
us by the Hand to it, but we heard nothing there that
was good from you, afterwards you kindled another at Beaver
Creek, there two Men spoke we cou'd hear nothing good
from You. You told us that all the Country was yours
You have kindled two Council Fires at the first you
know how you have treated our Brethern the Six Nations
Seiz'd & detain'd them Prisoners, you have now behav'd in the
same manner at Fort McIntosh presently you will kindle another
Council Fire, but if you do it any Place near us, we will not
go to it nor listen to you, but if you kindle it at Detroit
where our Forefathers did, then we will think you are
for some Good, there our Brethern who stand at our
Backs will hear you, But we see yr. Intention, you
are drawing close to us, & so near our Bedsides, that we can
almost hear the Noise of your Axes, felling our Trees
& settling our Country -

According to the Lines settled by
our Forefathers, the Boundary is the Ohio River, but you
are coming upon the Ground given to us by the Great Spirit
We wish you to be strong & keep yr. People on that side
the River. We have no Objections to carry on Trade with
Your Traders, provided they do not attempt to settle in our

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