Pennsylvania (Richard Butler and John Gibson) and "Southern Senecas" Manuscript Document Copy, January 9, 1789

Richard Butler and John Gibson, representing Pennsylvania, with representatives of the Six Nations (Docket: "the Southern Senecas"). The treaty is divided into seven articles, defining boundaries between Pennsylvania and Indian lands. Grants American use of the Conewago River and Lake Chadaghqua [Chautauqua], and trading rights. IEGOR Lot 725.

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Be it remembered by all whom it may concern -

That on the ninth day of January in the Year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and Eighty nine, in open and public Council, We the undersigned Chiefs, Warriors, and Others representing the following named Tribes of the Six Nations viz, for and in behalf of our selves our Tribes, our and their Heirs and Successors on the one part, and Richard Butler and John Gibson Esqr. Commissioners for and in behalf of the State of Pensylvania [?] on the other part, did make, and conclude upon the following Articles viz - Article the 1st - That as soon as these articles are signed interchangeably by the Aforesaid Chiefs and Commissioners The said Chiefs will execute a deed of Conveyance to the state of Pensylvania for a Tract of Country as hereafter shall be described - Article 2d. The signing Chiefs do acknowledge the right of soil and Jurisdiction to, in, and over that Tract of Country bounded On the south by the North line of the state of Pensylvania . . . the east by the west boundary of the state of New York agreeable to the Cession of that state and the state of Massachusets to the United States and on the north by the Margin of Lake Erie, including Presque isle and all the bays and harbours along the Margin of said Lake Erie from the West boundary of Pensylvania to where the west boundary of the state of New York may Cross or intersect the south margin of the Said Lake Erie, to be vested in the said state of Pensylvania agreeable to an Act of Congress dated the sixth day of June last 1788 - Article 3d. The said Chiefs do agree that the said state of Pensylvania shall & may at any time they may think proper survey dispose of and settle all that Part of the afore said Country lying and being west of a line running along the middle of the Cannowago River from its Confluence with the Allegany River into the Chadaghqua Lake thence along the Middle of the said Lake to the north end of the same, thence a meridian line from the north end of the said Lake to the margin or shore of Lake Erie -

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Article 4th. The said Chiefs do agree that the Navigation or Water Communication of the said Conowaga River and the Chadaghqua Lake shall be free for the Citizens of the State of Pensylvania in common with themselves but that neither Party shall build or erect dams over or across the Conowago River so as to obstruct the Passage of Boats or canoes up or down the same to the Allegany River Article 5th That the Several Villages Belonging to the Signing Chiefs and their People [?are] now Living on the said Conowago Creeek and in other parts of the Country Supposed to be within the Tract of Country west of the west line of the State of New York and east of the line through the Waters as described in the third Article and as they have no Country to remove to from where they now Live the said Chiefs do reserve for their own and their Peoples residence Hunting and fishing, all that Part of the tract of Country discribed in the Second article passing from the Alleganey River along the Middle of the Conowago Creek, the Chadaghqua Lake and a Meridian line from the north end of said Lake to Lake Erie - Article 6th The said Chiefs do engage for and in Behalf of themselves and their Tribes to give protection to the Citizens of the Said State of Pensylvania and others who may come to trade or transact Business under proper Authority among them and to live peaceeably with all the Citizens of the United States - Article 7th The said Richard Butler and John Gibson Esqr. Commissioners for and in behalf of the State of Pensylvania do agree to the Aforesaid Articles in their true intent and Meaning, and they do further engage on the faith of the State of Pensylvania that the Aforesaid Chiefs and the People of their Tribes shall have full and Peaceable Liberty to hunt and fish within any {the following is inserted by caret here} any Part of the Country first above described they [?desire] [?acessing] themselves Peaceably [?located] the Inhabitants but the said Chiefs shall not at any {end of insert} Time hereafter Directly or Indirectly {the following is inserted by caret} directly or Indirectly {end of insert} lease, rent or make Sale of any Part or Parcel of the Tract here reserved for their use or residence to any other State Person or Persons - In Testimony of the Above

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Articles being duly Openly and fairly agreed and concluded upon the Chiefs and Commissioners aforesaid have interchangeably set their Hands and affixed their Seals the day and year first above Written

In Presence of Signed
Ar. St. Clair Richard Butler {L.S.}
Jos: Harmer Lt Col; Comm [?G {inserted above line}]1st Us Regt. Jn. Gibson {L.S.}
Brigadier General by Brevet Jawedouah or the Blast {L.S.}
David Leigler Captn. 1st Us Regt. Riondashowa or the swimming fish {L.S.}
Winthrop Sargent Oncahise or the dancing Feather {L.S.}
John Tracy Johaes or falling Mountain {L.S.}
N. McDowell [?Enr.] Olachsaka or broken Tomahawk {L.S.}
Jacob Merlher Cadet 1st Us Regt. Tekahress or long Tree {L.S.}
Joseph Nicholas Onerechtee or the loaded Man {L.S.}
Katulaho or the Smoak {L.S.}
Aqueia or Bandy legs
Keandoghgowa or big tree {L.S.}
Onawewah or thrown in the River {L.S.}
Gyantwacklea or the Born planter {L.S.}
Gyashola or the Big Cross {L.S.}
Kanassee or the new arrow {L.S.}
[?Aehhiout] or the half town {L.S.}
Onachkout or the wasp {L.S.}
Cheskekoa or the wood [?bug] {L.S.}
{the first letter of the next word may be a drawing of a feather} [?Sessecca] or a [?big] [?ale] of a Kettle {L.S.}
[?Scrawhowa] or the Counsel Keeper {L.S.}
[?Servanias], or the Broken Twig {L.S.}
[?Janachrkorda] or the full moon {L.S.}
Cachunuasse, or twenty Canoes {L.S.}
Heckhonquash, or tearing assunder {L.S.}
Cageaghgea, or dogs about the fire {L.S.}

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Copy) of a treaty between Richard Butler & Jn. Gibson Esqr on Behalf of the state of Pennsylvania and the Southern Senecas - 1789

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