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Article 5th. It is agreed that if any Indian or Indians of the
Nations beforementioned shall commit a Murder, or robbery on any
of the Citizens of the United States, the Nation or tribe to which the
offender belongs, on complaint being made, shall deliver up
the person or persons complained of at the nearest post of the United
States, to the end that he or they may be tried: and if
found guilty punished according to the Laws established in the
Territory of the United States North west of the river Ohio
for the punishment of such offences, if the same shall have been committed
within the said Territory, or according to the Laws of the State where
the offence may have been committed, if the same has happened
in any of the United States. In like manner if any Subject
or Citizens of the United States shall commit murder or robbery
on any Indian or Indians of the said Nations; upon complaint
being made thereof he, or, they shall be arrested, tried, and
punished agreeable to the Laws of the State, or of the-
Territory wherein the Offence was committed, that nothing
may interrupt the peace and harmony now established-
Between the United States, and said Nations.

Article 6th. And Whereas, the practice of Stealing horses
has prevailed very much to the Great disquiet of the Citizens of
the United States, and if persisted in cannot fail to involve both, the
United States of America, and the Indians, in endless animosity, it is
agreed, that it shall be put an entire stop to on both sides;-
Nevertheless, should some individuals in defiance of this agreement
and of the Laws provided against such offences, continue to
make depredations of that Nature; the person convicted

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