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{most Indian signers followed by a pictogram, abbreviated "PIC"}

Ar. St. Clair Pawasuke PIC Maudoronk PIC

In Presence of Wewiskea PIC Skahomat PIC

Jos: Harmar Neagey PIC Capt. Pipe PIC

Lt. Col: Comt. 1st. US Regt. Windigo PIC Wingenona

Brigr. Genl. by Brevit.

Richard Butler Wapaskea PIC Pekelan PIC

Jno. Gibson Nequea PIC Tealaway PIC

Wm. McCurdy Capt.

El. Denny Ensn. 1st US Regt.

M. Harhorn Esqr.

Robert Thompson Ensn.

Frans. Luse Ensn.

J. Williams Junr.

Wm. Wilson

Joseph Nicholas

James Rinken

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