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Be it Remembered that the Wyandots have laid claim to the
Lands that were granted to the Shawanese at the treaty held at
the Miami, and have declared that as the Shawanese have been
so restless and caused so much trouble, both to them, and to the
United States, if they will not now be at peace, They will
dispossess them, and take the Country into their own hands, for
that the Country is theirs of right, and the Shawanese are
only living upon it by their permission. They further
lay Claim to all the Country west of the Miami boundary
from the Village to the Lake Erie, and Declare that it
is now under their management and direction.

Seperate Article

Whereas The Wyandots have represented that within the
reservation from the River Rasine along the Strait, they
have two Villages from which they cannot with any
convenience remove, it is agreed that They shall remain
in possession of the same and shall not be in any manner
disturbed therein.

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