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Fort Franklin 16th August 1791.


Having found that Mr. Mead, who was taken from this Place,
was taken only 20 Miles, where it is supposed that he attacked
the Indians with a knife - he and one Capt. Bullet was found
dead together, we having taken a Delaware, who I supposed
had a hand in it, I stopped to examine into the Matter which
detained me till the 4th Instant, finding nothing could be
proved against him, I set him free and started for the Corn=
=Planters Town at 11, oClock A.M. The Indians having
stolen the Horses from about the Garrison, I was obliged to
go by water which was very disagreeable as the water was
very low - all the Indians on the Alleghany followed one
to a man.

I arrived at the Corn planter's Town on the 9th [insl.?] made
known some part of my business to the Corn planter - The
10th. The Cornplanter takes one Horse & gives me another, turns
out his warriors and we proceed on to New Arrow's Town
where I read your speech to them, which they received with
great satisfaction - I then made a Speech myself which
they likewise received with pleasure. I left the Council House
to themselves for a while, there was 10 Chiefs and about
100 warriors present - I was soon sent for when the
Corn planter arose and said

" I have now authority from those Chiefs to tell you
" the determination of the 6 Nations.

" Gov[r.?] StClair the the Great Warrior of the United States on
" the western waters, sent us a speech by [Cyachoota?] at the
" time that General [Harmes?] marched against the bad Indians
" He then told us that the bad Indians, still continued to kill
" his women & Children and that he was going to whip them,
" that he was not going to hurt the 6 Nations, that the 6 -
" Nations must set down & keep their minds easy, & keep
" fast hold of the Chain of Friendship; this his first speech we

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