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" have hearkened to & shall till the day of our death.

" You seem to be afraid, you seem to think it will overset
" and that we shall do something wrong, but that cannot be;
" keep your mind easy. immediately when our [express?] arrives
" You shall hear all the News, we are well acquainted with
" each other, I beg of you to keep fast hold of the Chain of friend=
" =ship as we shall also. If the bad Indians are for peace
" we shall rise up and assist in making peace. When you
" hear we are gone to the Council, keep your mind easy, we
" shall do all we can to bring about a peace - We feel for
" you & we feel for the Indians, that are against you, for fear
" of the Bloody consequences, we hope the Governor will not
" think hard we took hold of his first speech and we shall
" continue to obey his first orders, which was to set down and
" keep fast hold of the Chain of friendship."

I find that the Speeches of the six nations, are rules
by the Buffaloe Creek Indians, & they are ruled by the
British - for the Corn Planter and several others, has
convinced me that they are willing to rise up and join our

The Treaty of the Painted post does not seem to give
such general satisfaction to the Indians on the Alleghany
River as I could wish - It seems by their story that
they did not receive Goods in proportion to other Indians
in consequence of their having received a considerable
quantity at Philadelphia last winter, one half of which
was plundered from them by the Militia when ascending
the Alleghany river

The Corn planter says

"The Chief of the goods was given to the Queogas, Onon=
" dogo's & Oneidas: As the Seneca's was going to receive
" money from Phelps for their lands, I do not blame the
" Great Men for this, I blame Phelps entirely for telling

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