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" that I had a great quantity of Goods for the Indians on the
" Alleghany waters - true I had goods and meant to have
" divided them, but the Militia stole a great part of them
" and took all my Cañoes when on their way up the River.
" they likewise stole the Deed for my lands at Muskingum
" and several papers of great value.

" For 217 Indians we received only 17 Dollars from
" Phelps. I am told that Phelps declared in public that
" he paid me a large sum of money in Philadelphia last
" winter, and that I had not divided it, I declare that
" Phelps is a liar, for I never received one copper from him.

Such stories makes the Corn planter very unpopular
and is a great damage to the United States, as he is an
undoubted friend.

What Brandts business was to the West, I
cannot find out, there is a large number of the Western
Chiefs, come with him & are gone with him to Montreal
to hold a Council with the British, where I understand the
Oneidas are invited. Whether these Western Chiefs
are for Peace or war, I cannot find out, the Corn Planter
thinks they are for Peace, when they return to Buffaloe
Creek, the cornplanter intends to wait on them - As
soon as he returns, he says he will let me know what
news - What I can find out you shall know soon after.

I recommended it very strongly to the Indians to
hearken to the Governors last speech, but it seems it has
been determined at Buffaloe Creek not to join our Army.
yet I think that some will come, for the Cornplanter told
me that I might look out for him

The Cornplanter tells me there is no reinforcement
come to Niagara & that there has been no late repairs
at the Fort, only where the lightning struck it, they have
built it up as it was before.

Stiff Knee tells me that [Butler?] the British Indian
Agent, told the bad Indians, that he wished they would make

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