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Peace, but if they were determined for war & were like
to be beat, that he had 1000 Militia, that he was ready
to help them with. - I am informed that 1600
chosen warriors were assembled and ready for war. -
800 at Detroit & 800 at the Miamis Towns, that in con =
=sequence of a message from Fort Washington or some
other place which I cannot get interpreted, they had
dispersed & that they are to reassemble next moon.
I should have proceeded on to Buffaloe Creek, but
I found the Western Chiefs were gone to Montreal, and
my time was so short, that I Could not go any further
and give you an answer by the time you [set?].

I beg leave to say, that it is only flinging away public
money to send Commissioners or any other person to -
speak to the Indians at Buffaloe Creek while the
English are in possession of Niagara - The Indians
in former Councils have told me, that the Americans
pretend to own Niagara - I tell them true enough.
well say they, why don't you go and take it. I tell
them that perhaps they will give it up by & bye - they
say no, they never will give it up, and you are afraid
to go and take it - And then the Black Rascals will
walk about with all the pomposity in the world. I
had rather wade up to my ancles in blood than to be
so insulted.

You may depend on the friendship of the cornplanter
People who are about 300 in number, but the Buffaloe
Creek Indians are to be doubted.

I consider it absolutely necessary for their Garrison
to be reinforced with 10 men, I have 440 feet exterior
Sides to defend with 30 men, whereas according to the
Principals of defence 100 is little enough.

I am sorry to see in your last letter to Mr. Bond that
you propose relieving him, for the regularity and dignity

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