Rich[ar]d Butler DS Copy to Chiefs of the Five Nations, [1791]; s.l.

Copy of a speech by Butler to the Chiefs of the Five Nations. Bulter censures the Indians for not respecting the treaties made at Fort Stanwix in 1784 and Muskingum in 1789. Western tribes continue to attack the citizens. IEGOR Lot 733.

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Copy of a Speech from Major Genl Butler to the Five Nations.

Brothers of the Five Fires

Two of your war Captains, [Teowanear? ] or Broken-twig & [Cowundago? ] or Big-Tree who desire to return to You, they say to advise that you may again take into Consideration the Speech Sent you by the Governor of the Western Teritory this Spring, Brothers to this I have no Objection they may do as they and You think Proper, on that Head. by them I send you the following Speech, it will put you in Mind of things which you may have forgot.

Brothers I am sorry after the trouble I have taken for five Years as Commissioner & Superintendant of Indian Affairs, and after having Amicably Settled the Boundaries between the Lands of Your Tribes and their Citzens Concluded Peace and Opened the Road for Trade, between Your People & their Traders, also with Several tribes of the West. & after having taken every pains to bring the [Dawagonah's? ] Miamis Wabash & Michigan tribes to the Same Conclusion, with the United States they have shut their ears against all our Speeches Struck our People and are Now at Open War against us~

Brothers That these things are [true? ] many of your Chiefs and Warriors are Witnesses, having been at the Treaties of Fort Stanwix in 1782{or 4?} and at Muskingum in 1789.


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Brothers At the last Mentioned Place it was the Volun=tary Declaration of the Chiefs and Warriors of Your tribes that the Interest of the United States should be Your Interest, that your lands and the lands of their Citizens were intertwined in each other in such a Manner that one could not be injured without injuring the Other, and that whatever tribe or Nation Struck them Struck You that being thus Joined in Friendship and Interest you were Determined if any Nation or tribe Struck the Citizens of the United States You would immediately convince them of Your Sincerity and friendship by rising up with Your Young Men and Joining the force of the United States to repel them~

Brothers The Stroke has been Struck hard by the [Dawogonha?] Western Tribes on the Heads of the Citizens of the United States, the Blood has run over their faces and is now wet on their Body, and they have refused to be at Peace

Brothers This conduct can be no longer born the Arm of the United States is Now lifted up against them, to defend their Citizens & friends [amongst?] which You [found or Stand?] high in favor~

Brothers Peace is in Your Possession and I will be sorry to See it Disturbed, by the Evil advice of these Hostile

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Hostile People or any of the People who advise or Assist them they are not their friends or Your friends that give Advice which Disturbs the peace of Men~

Brothers, We are Determined to Shew these people the Sword of the United States; it is now Drawn against them; and if they refuse the Green Bough of Peace, which we will Carry, in the hand near our Hearts, and which We Will Once More Offer them, They shall feel the Weight and Sharpness of our Swords~

Brothers I repeat that You requested us to tell You that if at any time we were Struck by bad or troublesome People that you might [Convince] the, United States, of Your friendship and that You Might [ ] Your proposals of rising up with Your Young Men and Joining Arms~

Brothers, We are Struck by the Dowegonhas Tribes of the West, Now do as You think proper We do Not advise You to run We only do what You requested, that is to inform You that we have received injuries in return for Offered Friendship do as you please as

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or to runing up, we do not Wish to involve or Drag You headlong into a War, but We Will Not refuse the Company of Your Chiefs or Young Men to Assist in Bringing these Evil Minded People to their Senses, to make Peace with them or in Case of Refusal to shew that we are Warriors,

Brothers Let Your Determination be what it may as to these Hostile People be you [quiet?] as to our Treaties, and Prevent them from Passing thro' Your fingers!~ or between Your legs, do not Suffer them to Strike any of our Citizens who are Your Neighbours lest our People in Pursuing them which they certainly will do if they are Struck Should mistake Your People for thiers and do You an Injury which we Should be Sorry would Happen

Brothers An Early Answer to this is expected I Wish You Wisdom Health and peace I am Your friend & Brother Signed Richd Butler Major Genl. U.S. Army To the Chiefs of the five Northern Nations, the Senecas & [ ]

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