Mr. Street Manuscript Document Copy, "Memo of the Settlements in the Indian Country", to John Johnson, [after 1791]; s.l.

Docket: "Mr. Street's Memo of the Settlements in the Indian Country for Sir John Johnson." Description of American Settlements made on the land of the Six Nations in Pennsylvania. The settlements lie near the Genessee River and are producing large amounts of food. IEGOR Lot 737.

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The Americans Settled on the Six Nation Land, upon Genesee River, can come by the way of the Three River within Seven Miles of Canandaigue Lake, where they have laid out a County Town, from whence they have a Land Carriage of about 20 Miles, to the Genesee river, and from the Waters which put into Canandaigue Lake, they have a Land Carriage of about Eight or Nine Miles into a Branch of the Susquehanna, which runs through Tyoga, where there is a Town under the Government of Pensylvania.... They complain of the Hardship of not being allowed to pass the Post of Oswego with their provisions and farming utensils. and do find it the Cheapest rout Still, for the Settlers on the Genesee River to Cross the Carrying place about Eight Miles Across to Sodus, which brings them into Lake Ontario, and Consi= =quently enables them to go up the Genesee River by a Carrying Place of about 2 1/2 Miles at the Genesee Falls by Water to all the Western and most of the Southern parts of the Purchase.- They also go out of Lake Ontario into {it looks like Erundajat but I can find nothing like that. Perhaps Irondeqoit?}, Bay and Creek about 8 Miles into a different part of Country, where the Settlements have already begun, they are indeed Settled on Almost every part of the purchase Except the South West Corner.- but principally on the Genesee River, and on the East line Adjoining the New York or [ ] Lands. Some few have Crossed the Genesee River and Settled on the West Side, and Built Mills on the upper Genesee Falls,...... Their prospect Seems to be of Benifiting themselves, by their Superior Advantage over the Lower parts of the State in raising Stock which will Carry itself to the Sea ports, and put them upon a footing with their Neighbours in furnishing Beef Pork and Horses for the West India Islands.-

They have a Salt Works Erected at the [Onoudays?] Salt Springs, which produces them

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them upwards of 30 Bushels per day when properly Attended...._

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Mr Streets Memo {unclear punctuation} of the Settlements in the Indian Country __________________ for......._

Sir John Johnson {flourish}

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