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[languages: English and a Native American Language]

To his Excellency Gorge Washington or Jefferson
President of the United States _

O na ta ga [unclear]laes[/unclear] Brother _
We the Chiefs of the Seven Nations of Canaday and this State of New York _

Brother _ we have had a talk with our brothers of the
State of New York _ and Mr. Wadsworth woh told us he
was sent by you to talk with us Conserning our Lands
in the state of New York _

Brother _ we stated our Claim of Lands to them and they
objected our wrights and said that thay Never Knewn
we climed any Lands, in the State of New York _

Brother _ we then told them that we was not able to Consent
to thane [unclear] to us which the desired us to
Inform you of and promised us Looke wise that they
would aquaint you of what post believed us and them
while in councell at Fort Gorge _

Brother _ we told them at our Parting with them that
as they said they had done as far as the had been Derected by
thane older brothers who sent them hear to talk with us
on this subject that was to give us some small Compens
-ation for our "Lands, which is ours is now and Ever was from
thay Beginning of the World _

Brother _ we asked for nothing but what is our Just
wrights and we have that Sincere Confidance in your
Honour and Goodness of doing Justice to all People _
that we are fully Convinced that You will See Justice
done us _

Brother _ we have only to let you Know that in the Cause of
this winter Coming When your Congrass meets that _
we Shall Send Color Leeves and Some other of our

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