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{signatures of the Indians spelled phonetically}

our Chiefs together with William Gray our Interpeter and
Shall Impower them to act for us so far that Every thing so
that is agreed on by them with you will Stand a Justice
to us. if the Grate Spiret Pleses to preserve them so far
they are the Persons we shall Send to you for Justice
to be done us, if god Pleses to Disanble them in
body so that thay cannot come to you in behalf of
Us we Shall Send thare Sones.

Brother _ we have no more to say at Preasent but to hope
that these few Lines may find You Enjoying _
Your Halth with all your Famaly and all others _
with Whomee you are connected _ From your _
Brothers the Chiefs of the Seven Nations of Canady
and State of New York _


Fort Gorge October 2 1795

To ona ta gar nias
Brother President of the United States of Amarica _

o na sa te gen _

oh na we io _
Atia to ha von (?)
Sa te ga ien tan ~
on wa neen te _
ti o na to gen a _
oh ni ta _
oh gere Sen _

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