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Att a Meeting of Commissioners of
Indian Affairs at the house of Robert
Lottrigh on the 7th Day of July 1753
Coll Myndert Schuyler} { Sybrant G Van Schiack
Coll Hubert Marchall} Comrs { Jacob C TenEyck
Robert Sanders} {John Beekman

Appeared two Letters from Some English presoners
of pencilvania att Cagnewage in Canada
ordered that the Said Letters be Sent to our Governour and
to writte a Letter in answer to the presoners by the Same
Indians that brought those Letters above Said

May it please your Excellencey
The Inclosed Letters came to our hand by Some
french Indians from Canada, from Some Traders that
where taken att ohio River Last January, whe Shall
wait on your Excellenceys order what to Doe therein and
Remaine with Due Regard
Albany the 7th of July 1753
your Excellenceys
Most Dutyfull
and humble Serts_
Myndert Schuyler
Robert Sawers
Sybrant G Van Schaick
Jacob C TenEysk
John Beekman

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