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At a Board of Commissioners for Indian-Affairs in Albany at the house of Mayor Robert Lutteridge Sept 10. 1753.
Capt Hubert Marshall [Comdt?]
Robert Saunders
S.G. van Schaick Recorder.
Myndert Schuyler }
John Beekman } Esq.rs
Jacob C. Ten Eyck }
Alex Colhoun Depty Sec.ry The Mayor delivered a Letter fm Alex McGinty another fm D.d Hendricks Prisoners in Canada: also produced one fm Madam Louisa Desrivreres[?] Desmurseaux[?] acknowledging the receipt of the Belt of Wampum sent by Susanna a french Indian Squaw (vide Journal of 8th August.)
Resolved. That the Mayor writes a Letter of thanks to said Madam Louisa Desrivieres Desmurseaux for her kind treatment & Civilitys to the 'foresaid prisoners.
Ordered That the Mayor deliver the Commission by virtue of which the Comissioners act at present, to Alexander Colhoun; & that A.C. write to the 'foresaid McGinty & Hendricks acknowledging receipt of above Letter & & a true Coppy as follows.
Albany 7th A. 1753
Mes..rs McGinty & Hendricks at Kaghnawaga. am your humble Servt By order of the Board Alex..r Colhoun Dep.ty Sec.ry

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