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at Albany A Board of Commissioners met at Suttridge Sept..r 14. 1753.
The Mayor. The Recorder.
Co-:ll M Schuyler
Prv.t[?] Corn[?] Cuyler. } Mr J: Beekman } Esq.rs
Alex-r Colhoun D.S. This day Alex..r McGinty was brought here by Nisrendanie a french Indian from Kaghnawaga, in 10 days fm that place at the request of this Board (vide(Journal of 8 of August.) The Comissioners with great difficulty prevailed upon said Nissendanie on the consideration of One pr[?] of Shrouds and ten Spanish Dollars for the Releasement of said Mcginty & expences he had been at. he farther insisted for one p..t of Stockings some Rum & provisions to carry him back.
Resolved that M..r Saunders pay the above &c agreables to a Letter from Conrad Weisar to him in August last.
Resolved That there be a full Board to morrow at two a clock.
This day 2 Letters were laid before the Board by Mcginty one from D.d Hendricks of the 5th instant the otherof the 4.th from Madam L.D. Demurseaux.

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