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At a Board of Commissioners met at Rob..t Lotteridges Sepbr 17. 1753.
The Mayor
Coll M. Schuyler
M.r Beekman
Al. Colhoun D.S.
By two Indians Sconondo & Arieghta from Kaghnawaga a Letter from D. Hendricks of Sept.r the 8.th
Resolved That said Letter be inclosed to Gov.r Hamilton, with a Coppy of the following letter.
Sir. Just now came here two Indians from Kaghawaga a Lachem[?] Sconondo, & Arieghta: the last has D.d. Hendricks in his house: we are postulated with him upon the unreasonablenss of his demand viz..t a Negroe Boy about 12 years or money to purchase such a one, for the Ransom of said Hendricks he was told that Mcginty was brought here in consequence of the Message & Belt of Wampum. But the Savage obstinatly refuses to bring him. We beg leave to refer you to Mcginty for particulares who is now present with us & the Indians.
we are most Respectfully your Honours most humble Serv..ts Rob.t Sanders Myndert Schuyler Sybrant G. van Schaick Jn..o Beekman
--[?] Since writing the above, the Indian promises to bring him here in 25 days, suppose he will then expect as much as was given for Mcginty
Albany sbr 17. 1753. Al. Colhoun D. Sec.re
To the Honb..le James Hamilton Esq..r Governour of Pennsylvania
By Alex..r Mcginty.

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