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At a Board of Commissioners met at Rob.t Latteridges Sep.r 26 1753.
Co..ll M. Schuyler.
M..r C: Culler
The [or is it Theo?] Mayor
Cap.t Winnie
Al. Colhoun DS.
Maynard Wemp with Kaheightogo. alias grote Yonge a Seneka Sachem, who requested that as the said Maynard Wemp had formerly resided amongs the Senekas as a Smith; That he might now be sent up again.
M..r Wemp desired of the Board; that he might obtain leave, & was very willing to go upon the Credit of this Province.
Resolved . that he may go.
C-oll Myndert Schuyler} M:r Jacob :C TenEyck} M:r Joh:s Beecksman} M:r Cosn:s Cuyler} Robert Sanders} Att a Board of Commissioners met at Robert Latteridges October 3d 1753.
By Three Kagnawague Sachims to wit The Kanaghquasa, Kanasadego & Anadan Rec:d a Belt of wampen, Requested thereby of this Board, that the friends of Neighbours of the Penselvania Prisoners at Kagnawague, should Come or Send to Release them from among the Indians, and that they were to Bring or Send money for that purpose, for that the Penselvania Prisoners were Placed in the Room & Stead of Indians There Deceased, So that they said they Could not be had without so Much money as would pay for others for their Stead, Whereupon This Board gave them the following Answer, That they were Surprised to Receive this Message from them, and that they had Surely Expected the s:d Prisoners at this time or Sooner, and Sent the Belt Back to them, and Insisted Strongly to have the Said Prisoners Brought here & that they would do as they had alrady done that was Brought them, and promised to do for the other that was promised to be Brought them Shortly, for they were all taken in profound peace, and so no Prisoners But their Bretheren

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