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At a Board of Commissioners Met at Robert Lotteridges Octo:r 30 1753
Coll Mynerd:t Schuyler} M:r Jacob C. Ten Eyck} The Recorder} M:r Corn:s Cuyler} Robert Sanders} Two Indian Sachims of Kagnawague /to wit/ Onoroejigta & Sanagosvana with Several other Warriors of that Cassell, Appeared before us, And Express a Great Joy to meat us here all in perfect Health and gave one Bever Skin
Then they further said that they were Come in obedience of a
Massuage by a Belt of wampen which this Board had sent them
on the 3.d Instant, and that they had agreeable to this Boards
Request, Brought down with them Two of the Penselvania
Prisoners, That this Board had alrady agreed for one of them
and that for the other They Expected to Receive for the Bringing
and mantaining of him Dollars and wampen to Enable them
To purchase an other to fill up his place in that Tribe he was
Given to, whereupon they gave a Belt of wampen.

and said further out of the name of all the Seachims of
That Cassell that there had been one of their men Kilt near this place
Last Year, and that they were Glad we had so Prudently Recon
ciled it with them, and that they would for the future do all
In their power to keep friendship & the Road allways open
and gave few Strings of wampen

and said further for themselves and by order and in
Behalf of all the Seachims & warriors of their Cassell, that
as there had been few Years ago a war Carryed on between
us & them, to their Great Grief, occassioned Thro, the Variance
That their these was Between our King & the french King, who
These had Declared war Against Each other, & Requested of us
That what had Been these Committed or done By Either side was
To be for Ever Buried in oblivion and that their these Entering
Into that war was against their Inclinations, tho' Impossible
for them at that time to avoid it thereupon gave one belt

and further said they Came to Renew the old Covenant
Chain, and that they would for Ever Keep it Bright & Clear
Bright & free from Roast, & thereupon gave 3 Bever Skins
that as they had lately Lost one of their men
In our Countrey, they wished that we would be so good as to have
Him Brought, and Buried at the Carrying place, & there gave Two
Bever Skins

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