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at a Board of Commissioners met
at Robert Lotteridges Octor. 31 :1753
Coll Myndt. Schuyler
Mr. Jacob C. TenEyck
The Recorder
Mr. Johnt. Beeckman
Mr. Corn:s Cuyler
Coll Marchell
Robt. Sanders
The Board Replyed the Seachims &
Warriers of the Cagnawague Cassell
on their Speech of Yesterday to this
Board By Arent Stevens Interpreter
of this Province as follows

Bretheren We Thank you for the Joy you Expressed
To meat us here at this time, and we do Assure you that we are
likewise Glad to have this oppertunity, to Smoak a pipe with you
Here, and to see you all Enjoy Perfect health, These gave few Strings
of wampen

Bretheren, We are Glad to see you Brought in obedience to
our Belt of wampen sent to you some time ago, the Two Penselvania
Bretheren Taken in time of peace, we will on our parts give
You what we have promised for the Mantaining and Bringing of
Them here, and as you seem to Insist to have for the one Dollars
and wampen, we will by no means Differ with you for that,
But do now Reward you for mantaining and Bringing em here the one According to
To our words to you some time ago, and for the other agreeable
To your Desire now in Dollars & wampen, But were amazed
To hear you had taken our Bretheren Captives in time of peace
And Desire of you that the Like may Never hapen again
Then paid them for the Bringing & Mantaining of them

Bretheren We are Exceeding Glad to hear you are all Satisfied
and Contented with our Conduct in that Affair of one of your
Men at the halfmoon last year and Died in your Cassell &
Gave few Strings of wampen

Bretheren What you Said Relating the Late war to have
Been Commenced By Both Kings, we Confess to be true, But
we were Extreamly Surprized to hear you had taken up the
Hatchet against us, and thereupon Immediately Committed Hosti
lities against us, Since you and the Rest of the Indians in Canada
Had so few years Before Intered with us in a Solnm Covenant
To Comitt to Comitt {struck} no hostilities Upon us, In Cases of a Rupture
Between the Brittish & french Crowns, However we hereby

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