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Hereby Desire of you, not to make or Middle for the Future
In time of war with any Brittish Subjects, Where upon
Gave a Belt of wampen

Bretheren, We are Glad you are Come to Renew the old
Covenant Chain, and we do hereby Assure that of our side
We will Keep the same Bright, and the Road Between us and
You Clear from all filt and Dirth, and the fire allways
Burning for you and all yours to Come & Smoak your pipes
When you please, and you may Depend that our friendship
will be towards you of a Long Duration, Whereon gave one
Piece of Shrouds

Bretheren, And as you are here But few in Number, we
Therefore Desire of you That two Seachims of Each of your Nation
(to wit) of the Cagnawagues, Canosedagues, Rondacks & Annagongues
Do Come here the next Spring to Confirm the same Whereon
Gave them one Belt of wampen

Coll Myndert Schuyler
Mr Recorder
Mr. Corns. Cuyler
Mr. Johs. Beeckman
Robert Sanders

Att a Board of Commissioners Met
at Rob:t Lotteridges Novr 3: 1753

Resolved that Coppys of the following
Letters be sent, the first to Governour
DeLancy the Last to Governour
Hamilton by David Hendricks & Jabez
Evens with Messers. Cuylers & Sanders Acct.
amounting to £40:5:6 in the whole
There Inclosed & that the minutes of the of the
Board with sd. Seachims And warriers
Copies thereof be Inclosed in Governr. DeLancys
Letter & that there by given by this Board
To sd. Seachims Twelve Ells ozenbrigs for a sail

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In the last line, the gift given to the sachems is "12 ells ozenbrigs." "Ell" is a measurement equal to 45 inches, and "ozenbrig" is a coarse linen cloth.


A "shroud" is a type of cloth.