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At a Board of Commissioners met at
Robt. Luttridges Novr. 26 1753

The Mayor
Mynt. Schuyler
Cornelius Cuyler
John Beekman
Jacob C. Ten Eyck

The Commissioners received by Alexander Colhoun
Dept. Secry. for Indian Affaires, a Letter which he
brought from his Honour the Lieut. Govr. dated
at New York the 12th Novr. 1753. Also Copy of Orders
from him and the Councill bearing date the 7th of
said Month.

Agreable to the first part of the Lieut. Govrs.
Resolved That Arent Stephens the Indian Interpreter for
this Province be wrote to, that he attend this Board
tomorrow. Accordingly he was wrote to and Hans Eagar
reported to the Board that he had given the letter
to Abraham Glen to carry and promised to deliver to
said Arent Stephens as soon as he got to Schenechtady.

Resolved That Instructions as follows be wrote for Arent

Whereas we conceive it is expedient and necessary
for His Majestys Service and the Wellfare and
Interest of this Province and {struck} accordingly you are
hereby required and directed to proceed without delay
from hence to Fort William and Conojoharie, thence
to Oneido and Onondago: from thence you are to forward
by a proper Messenger to the rest of the Six Nations and inform them as
well as the foresaid tribes of Indians in That there are
Commissioners appointed at Albany to transact and
manage their Afaires as formerly, and that Sr. Danvers
Osborne Bart. lately arrived from England Governour
of this Province by whose sudden Death the admin=
-istration of affaires devolved upon the Honble. James
Delancey Esqr. His Majestys Lieut. Governour
you are farther to make enquiry what newes among

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