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the several Nations of Indians and make a Report
thereof to this Board as soon as you return
Given under our hands at Albany this 28 day
of November 1753
Mydrt. Schuyler
Cornls. Cuyler
Sybrant G. Van Shaick
Jacob C. Ten Eyck
John Beekman
Robert Sanders

Alexr. Colhoun Depty. Secry.

At Luttridges this 28 of Novr. 1753

The Recorder
Mr. Cuyler
Jac. C. Ten Eyck

The Comissrs. signd. Copy of the above and gave it
to Arent Stephens with seven hands or String of
Wampum, two Dozen of knives, two Rolls of

Resolved that Mr. Stevens carry along with
him a person to the Six Nations and that he
be allowed to defray his Expences the Sum of
Five pounds.

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt. Luttridges
Dec. 18. 1753

The Mayor
Coll. Mynd. Schuyler
M.C. Cuyler
J. Beekman
Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Mr. Stephens the Interpreter returned here, having delivered
the Message (from this Board of the 28 ultimo) to both
Castles of the Mohawks, Oneidos, and Tuscaroras, where
he met with a trusty Onondago who promised to send
an Express immediately to the rest of the Six Nations:
That all the Indians which he had seen appeared very
well pleased with the Message, and returned thanks
to the Commissioners. On his return to Conojoharie, a String
of Wampum was given to him by Hendrick, in presence of
Several Sachems, who said they were also well satisfyed
that the Governour was a Native of this Country, as such
he knew well the advantage of an Alliance with the
Six Nations: and that as there were now Several Commissioners
hoped, their affaires would be better managed than
by one Person. The String of Wampum was delivered
to Alexr. Colhoun D. Secry.

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