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At a Board of Commissioners met
at Robt. Luttridges Decr. 28. 1753

Capt. Marshall
The Mayor
Coll. Mynd. Schuyler
Jac. C. Ten Eyck
John Beekman

Resolved that the following Letter be sent
by the Post to morrow to the Lieut. Govr.
with Copy of the minutes from Novr. 16 to
this day
Mr. Cuyler not present the letter was sent to
him which he signed as did all the rest
of the gentlemen.

May it please your Honour
We are informed by Capt. Winnie that he delivered
to your Honour our Letter of 3d. of Novr. with Copy of
Minuts of October 3d. 30. and 31st. which with the
inclosed Copy of Minuts and a Leave granted to
Maynard Wemp of Sepr. 26. to go as a Smith to the
Seneca Country on application to us by a princip-
-all Sachem of that Nation, is all the Business which
has come before us Since our appointment which
relates to this Province.

We think it needless to trouble your Honour and
the Gentlemen of the Councill with respect to the
Prisoners taken in January last in Pennsylvania,
& caarried to Canada. we have procured the Releasement
of three of said Prisoners sent them home, and wrote
to Governour Hamilton, with account of Expence incurred
by releasment of said prisoners and hope soon to hear
from him. In answer to that part of your Honours
Letter of Novr. 12 relating to the Land in Dispute, we have
considered it with great attention, and can find no
precedent, wherever the Commissioners, have interfered in
and Disputes betweeen the Purchasers of Lands in this
province and the Indians; and think it may be best
accommodated at the next general Interview with the
Indians. We are with great respect & Esteem

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