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Resolved That [[Arent Stephens]] be wrote for by [[Joseph
Yates Junior]], that he attend this Board on
Monday next.

At the desire of this Board, am to acquaint
you; that your attendance is required here
on monday next, upon business of consequence.
am yours &c. [[Alexr. Colhoun]] Dept. Secry.

at [[Luttridge]]s Janry. 19. 1754.

To Mr. [[Arent Stephens]] Indian Interpreter
at [[Schenechtady]]

[[Hanse Eager]] reported that he delivered to the Post the
Letter for the Lieut. Govr. and the other to [[Joseph Yates Jr]].

At Board met at [[Robert Luttridge|Robt. Luttridge]]s
Janry. 22. 1754

Capt. [[Marshall]]
The Mayor
Coll. [[M. Schuyler]]
Mr. [[C. Cuyler]]
[[John Beekman]]
[[Jac. C. Ten Eyck]]

Mr. [[Stephens]] the Indian Interpreter attended
Resolved that Copy of the following Instructions be wrote
& delivered to him.

Whereas we conceive it is expedient and
necessary for His Majestys Service the Welfare
& Interest of this Province: Accordingly you are
hereby required & directed to proceed without loss
of time, from hence to Fort William & Conojoharie
thence to Oneido & Onondago, from thence you are
to forward by a proper Messinger to the rest of
the Six Nations, and inform all of them.

That the fourteenth day of next June is appointed by
the Governour for a Conference or Interview with
them at [[Albany]], when the Hatchet is to be buried
the Covenant Chain renewed, & the Ancient friendship
subsisting between them and His Majestys Subjects
confirmed and strengthned: and that for these

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