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that he brought with him 5 hogsheads last october

April 22d. 1754 at a board met at the house
of Robert Lotteridge.

Col. M. Schuyler
the Mayor
Cornelis Cuyler
Jacob C. Ten Eyke
John Beeckman

That Sconondo a Sachem with four Kaghnawaga
Indians appeared before the board; Sconondo told the
board by Mr. Clement as interpreter, that agreeable
to the Commissioners Request (vide minutes of october
31) that two Sachems of these four nations, would be
here when the indian Corn should be about two feet
high that the Aderondacks and AnaGongoes were
in the bush but should be informed of the Message
by first opertunity, upon which gave a String of
Wampum, the Commissioners told them they were
glad to find they had been mindfull of their Message
and that they expected to see them according to
their promise to smoak a pipe together in this place.

Resolved there be given them two Cags of Rum
one for their journey the other to the Sachems
at Kaghnawaga to drink the Commissioners

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At a board met at the house of Robert
Lotteridge April ye 27th 1754

Robert Sanders Mayor
Cornelius Cuyler
Librant van Schaick

A letter was delivered by Mr. Van Schaick
to the board from his Honr. the Lieut.
Govr. dated the 20th of April, as
Follows. As the time appointed
to meet the Indians at Albany is on the
14th of June and it is usual to send the
interpreter up among them before in order
to bring them down, I desire you will

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