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two Strings of Wampum was delivered to Mr. Aaron=
=Stevens by order of the Commissioners, to be given
as he thought necessary, one of said Strings was sent
to ye Commissioners by the Conajohary Indians as per
Minutes of 18th Decembr. 1753, the other String was given
by Sconondo, see minutes of April 22 1754

{short horizontal dividing line}

At a board of Commissioners met at the house of
Robert Lotteridge.

the Mayor
Col. M. Scuyler
Mr. Cornelius Cuyler
the Recorder
Capt. Beeckman

Upon report from our Indian traders at the Carrrying
place that some onongongo
Warriors were intending to go
out to fight against New England
we sent for a cochnawaga Indian named Joseph
to enquire about the truth of that report. He
informed us, he heard nothing about it. Nevertheless
upon account of that report, ye Commissioners thought
proper to give the said Joseph a String of Wampum
to acquaint his Nation that if they should hear
of any such design, that they might be carefull
to put a stop to it.

{short horizontal dividing line}

At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge
May 15th 1754.

Col. M. Scuyler
Capt Beeckman
the Mayor
Mr. Cornelius Cuyler
Capt. Winne

Mr Harme Ritemans negro
Clause accused John Ransilors
Negro York, Widow Scuylers negro
with one Eye named Dick

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The various scribes in this document spell the location of these meetings of the Commissioners differently. The meetings were held in Robert Lotteridge's establishment. He was an innkeeper in Albany. One of the scribes spells his name "Lutteridge."