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At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge
May the 10th. 1754.

the Mayor
Mr. Cornelius Cuyler
Capt Beeckman
Mr. Jacob C. Ten Eyke
Mr. Lybrant G. van Schaick
Col. Mr. Scuyler

A message was brought
that the Indian William that
was missing as appears in Minutes
15 is now found dead at Scotack
Jacobus van Volkenburg was
sent to take Care of the corps
and a letter and Messenger was forth=
=with sent to Robert Wendal to bring
the Indians down to bury the Corps and he should be
paid for his trouble.

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At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge
May 19th. 1754

the Mayor
Mr. Beeckman
Mr. Ten Eyke
Col. M. Scuyler
Capt. Winne

Several Scortico Indians came
to treat about the murdered Indian
and the Commissioners ordered all necessary
as a Shirt Stockins Clout, and Coffin for ye dead
Indian, and victuals for the Company
that came to the burying, being in number
about twenty five, and Robert Wendal
and van Volkenburg were ordered to accompany
the Indians to the Corps, and assist them at the

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