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dwell together in their respective Castles, and that the Mohawk
Nation should live in One Castle only.

That His honour apply to the Onondaga Indians in
particular to direct & exhort them to live together in one
Castle according to their Antient & prudent Customs & to cause
all their Friends & Relations whereever dispersed to join them
particularly those who have separated themselves & live at
present at Sweegassie † {reference to footnote at bottom of this page} where the French have lately Fortified
have a Garison & where there constantly reside a French Mis-
-sionary in order to draw them off from our Alliance. At
this Sweegassie the French have lately made a Settlement
of Indians belonging to the 6 Nations & more particularly
of the Onondaga & Cayouge Nations.

That whereas the French have for a great while hath
been endeavouring to prevail on the Sennecas to come
& live at Irondequat in order to have them nearer to their
Settlement the more easily to effect their Design of Debauch -
-ing them from the British Interest, the Commissrs. are of
Opinion that His Honour should insist on the Sennecas
who at present live very remote from one Another, to make
a General Castle near the Mouth of the Senneca River,
where they have already began to build a New Castle.
This point has been several times recommended to them by
former Govrs. and whc. they have faith fully promised to do
but have not hitherto effected.

The Commissrs. are of opinion that the most effectual
Method to retain & secure the 6 Nations to the British Interest
will be to build Two Forts, the One in the Onondaga the
other in the Senaccas Country & that each of the said Forts
be supplied with a proper Missionary -

They are further of Opinion that the carrying & selling
Rum in the Castle of the 6 Nations is of the most pernicious
Consequence is of the most pernicious Consequence to the
public Interest of this Colony in particular & to the British
Interests in general with respect to our Indian Connexions -
† Southside of the River St. Laurence
to the Eastward of Fort Cadaragut {the preceding two lines are the footnote referenced above}

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