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His Honour the Lieut. Govr. having directed the Commissrs.
to meet & ordered Arent Steevens Interpreter to attend
them in order to give them a Relation of his Negotiations with
the 6 Nations in his late Journey amongst them to bring
them down to this City to meet his honour, the sd. Inter-
-preter gave the following acct.

That before he arrived at the Conojohere
Castle he received a Letter from the Mohawks of that
Castle † {see footnote} that he should not proceed forward amongst
the Six Nations till the Govr. himself came up amongst
them to make them easy about their Lands: And they
told him no good would come from the intended Treaty
unless they were previously satisfied in this point.
Upon wch. he referred them to their meeting with the Govr.
at Albany for satisfaction whereupon they suffered him
to proceed.

He then went to the Sennecas Country without
any Interuption where they told him to stay 10 days
whilst they sent to invite the whole Nation to go down
with them to the Conferrence, part of whom namely those
who live at Linnossenere sent word they would not come
because they had a great deal of bad News amongst
them from Ohio & thought themselves in danger, but
the particulars were they did not communicate to their
Bretheren the other Sennecas.

He set out with the Senneca Sachems for the
Cayouge's Country where he joined them in the Govs. name
in condoling the Death of One of their Sachems. Just
as he was setting out from Caouge some of their Warriors
arrived with News that they had lost Two of their Warriors {struck}
Party that had been fighting against the Gehogroenes
a Nation who live to the Westward of the Cattabaws, &
that in their return they saw a great Number of
English near the Ohio, among whom they thought there
were some Cattawbaws wch made them affraid they
{horizontal dividing line}

† signed by Abraham, Hendrik, & Nicholas.

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